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Arthropod Natural Enemies in Arable Land

I. Density, spatial heterogeneity and dispersal

En del af serien Acta Jutlandica (70:2; Natural Science Series, 9) , og fagområdet

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314 sider ill.
ISBN 87 7288 492 4

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K.D. Sunderland & D.C. Topping: Estimating population densities of spiders in cereals

A. Dinter: Estimation of epigeic spider population densities using an intensive D-vac sampling technique and comparison with pitfall trap catches in winter wheat

S. Toft, C. Clausen & H. Goldschmidt: Distance methods used to estimate densities of web spiders in cereal fields

F. Samu & M. Sárospataki: Estimation of population sizes and "home ranges" of polyphagous predators in alfalfa using mark-recapture: an exploratory study

C.F.G. Thomas: A rapid method for handling anf marking carabids in the fiels

A. Hawthorne: Validation of the use of pitfall traps to the study of carabid population in cereal field headlands

B. Ulber & G. Wolf-Schwerin: A comparison of pitfall trap catches and absolute density estimates of carabid beetles in oilseed rape fields

B. Kromp, Ch. Pflügl, R. Hradetzky & J. Idinger: Estimating beneficial arthropod densities using emergence traps, pitfall traps and the flooding method in organic fields (Vienna, Austria)

J. Helenius: Rate and local scale spatial pattern of adult emergence of the generalist predator Bembidion guttula in an agricultural field

T. Hance: Relationships between aphid phenology and predator and parasitoid abundances in maize fields

A. MacLeod, N.W. Sotherton, R.W.J. Harwood & S.D. Wratten: An improved suction sampling device to collect aphids and their predators in agroecosystmes


K.D. Sunderland et al.: Density estimation for invertebrate predators in agroecosystmes


W. Powell & J. Ashby: Using mark-release-recapture techniques to study the influence of spatial heterogeneity on carabids

C.J.H. Booij, L.J.M.F. den Nijs & J. Noorlander: Spationtemporal patterns in activity density of some carabid species in large scale arable fields

A. Hawthorne & M. Hassall: The effect of cereal headland treatments on carabid communities

G. R. De Snoo, R.J. van der Poll & J. de Leeuw: Carabids in sprayed and unsprayed crop edges of winter wheat, sugar beet and potatoes

J.K. Holopainen: Spatial distribution of polyphagous predators in nursery fields

W. Riedel: Spatial distribution of hibernation polyphagous predators in field boundaries

P. Ruggle & N. Holst: Spatial variation of Sitobion avenae (F.) (Hom.: Aphididae) and its primary parasitoids (Hym.: Aphididae) and its primary parasitoids /Hym.: Aphidiidae, Aphelinidae)


W. Powell et al.: Within-field spatial heterogeneity of arthropod predators and parasitoids


C.J. Topping & K.D. Sunderland: Methods for monitoring aerial dispersal by spiders

S. Toft: Two functions of gossamer dispersal in spiders?

B. Kromp & M. Nitzlader: Dispersal of ground beetles in a rye field in Vienna, Eastern Austria

H. Wallin & B. Ekbom: Movement patterns and foraging behaviour of carabid beetles on arable land

P. Duelli & M. Obrist: Comparing surface activity and flight of predatory arthropods in a 5 km transect

W. Van der Werf: How do immigration rates affect predator/prey interactions in field crops? Predictions from models and an example involving the spread of aphid-borne viruses in sugar beet




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