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60 pages. 60 minutes.

It's easier than you think to learn the most thought provoking discoveries and ideas from top researchers.

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Take a moment to think with new book series "Reflections"
60 pages. 60 minutes. That's all it takes to understand the thoughts, discoveries and ideas that Danish researchers have spent years, sometimes even a lifetime of study to arrive at. Condensed and written in words we all understand. 

Each 60 pages and 60 minutes gives you the best thought provoking writing from Aarhus University. Perfect for a morning commute, a plane ride or your living room couch. It's an easy way to become all the wiser. 

In Denmark, a new book in the series has been published once a month since September 2012. Highly acclaimed, many books have been on the Danish non-fiction bestseller list for several consecutive weeks. We have translated and reworked some of the most successful books. More to come.


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