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Top scholars from Aarhus University share the essence of their knowledge about a specific topic. In 60 reader-friendly pages they explain thoughts, discoveries and insights they have studied for years, some even for a lifetime. The series Reflections is co-published with Johns Hopkins University Press.

Reflections on stage


Reflections as documentary


Reflections is a series of pocket-sized monographs from top researchers at Aarhus University, Denmark. Each explores a specific topic from an academic perspective, and the engaging, reader-friendly style conveys each author’s passion for their field. The English titles are selected from the 105 ‘Tænkepauser’ so far published in Danish – a remarkable success with 1.5 million books printed to date.

A distinctive visual profile, relatable messages and salient points have made the series resonate with a wide audience, also outside academia. Collaborating with theatres, media service providers, museums, unions and businesses, the series has taken research far beyond the printed page.

Learn more about the Danish version "Tænkepauser" with more than 100 titles.

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