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Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto and With Raised Hands (English E-book)

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Om bogen

Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto is a short stop-motion puppet film that has won awards at international film festivals in a number of countries and has been included in the official selection of more that 120 festivals around the world, from Buenos Aires to Hiroshima. Dealing as it does in less than eight minutes with a subject that is meaningful both in a historical perspective and in relation to present day horrors, Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto would be an ideal resource in such courses as media studies, history and English.

Included in this e-book are:

• a shot-by-shot breakdown of the film, with at least one still from every shot;

• notes of intention by screenwriter Richard Raskin and director Johan Oettinger, as well as producer Ellen Riis's informative description of the production process;

• the brief written record of the actual event which inspired this film;

• a chronological overview and fact-sheet concerning the Warsaw Ghetto, from 1939 to its destruction in 1943;

• a presentation of a well-known iconic photograph that played a role in the making of this film.

This e-book also provides a basis for comparing Seven  Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto with another prize-winning short film also portraying a boy trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto: Mitko Panov's unforgettable With Raised Hands.

In addition to providing the resources mentioned above, the e-book also proposes a number of questions for close study of the film, and which are designed to inspire reflection rather than pointing to one correct answer.

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