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A Cultural and Religious Melting Pot

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Throughout the entire span of Graeco-Roman antiquity Alexandria represented a meeting place for many ethnic cultures and the city itself was subject to a wide range of local developments, which created and formatted a distinct Alexandrine 'culture' as well as several distinct 'cultures'. Ancient Greek, Roman and Jewish observers communicated or held claim to that particular message. Hence, Arrian, Theocritus, Strabo, and Athenaeus reported their fascination of the Alexandrine melting pot to the wider world and so did Philo, Josephus and Clement. In various fashions, the four papers of Part I of the volume, Alexandria from Greece and Egypt, deal with the relationship between Ptolemaic Alexandria and its Greek past. However, the Egyptian origin and heritage also play important roles for the arguments. The contributions to the second part of the book are devoted to discussions of various aspects of contact and development between Rome, Judaism and Christianity.



George Hinge and Jens A. Krasilnikoff


Part I. Alexandria From Greece and Egypt

Chapter 1

Alexandria as Place: Tempo-Spacial Traits of Royal Ideology in Early Ptolemaic Egypt

Jens A. Krasilnikoff

Chapter 2

Theatrical Fiction and Visual Bilingualism in the Monumental Tombs of Ptolemaic Alexandria

Majorie Susan Venit

Chapter 3

Language and Race: Theocritus and the Koine Identity of Ptolemaic Egypt

George Hinge

Chapter 4

Homeric Scholarship in Alexandria

Minna Skafte Jensen


Part II. Rome, Judaism and Christianity

Chapter 5

Philo as a Polemist and a Political Apologist

An Investigation of his Two Historical Treatises Against Flaccus and The Embassy to Gaius

Per Bilde

Chapter 6

Alexandrian Judaism: Rethinking a Problematic Cultural Category

Anders Klostergaard Petersen

Chapter 7

From School to Patriarchate: Aspects on the Christianisation of Alexandria

Samuel Rubenson

Chapter 8

Religious Conflict in Late Antique Alexandria: Christian Responses to "Pagan" Statues in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries CE

Troels Myrup Kristensen

List of Contributors



Sanne Lind Hansen


Cand.mag. i etnografi og klassisk arkæologi og tillægsuddannelse fra Danmarks Journalisthøjskole. Sanne arbejder primært med antropologi, arkæologi og tidlig historie. Hun har desuden særligt ansvar for kommissionsaftaler - og en fortid på Antiksamlingen ved Nationalmuseet.

Sanne Lind Hansen


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