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Tunes for All?

Music on Danish Radio

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ISBN 978 87 7184 379 8

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For almost a century, music on the radio has been an important part of  Danish music culture. Tunes for All? Music on Danish Radio presents the many ways music and radio have co-existed and interacted from the 1920s until today. Music radio is a complex network of sounds, technologies and people, and the book spans programmes and channels, presenters and listeners, music genres and programme genres, stakeholders and different interests primarily in relation to the all-dominant national broadcasting institution, Danmarks Radio. In 10 chapters, the authors address this network with an interest in programme content and production from various media and music perspectives in order to contribute to analytical and theoretical knowledge about music on the radio. The many cases cover chart shows, morning radio, live ensembles, automatic music programming and sports radio.

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Heikki Uimonen i Popular Music 38/3, October 2019 , pp. 570-571.

Tunes for All provides great deal of enjoyment and food for thought for anyone keen on public-radio music policies. An impressive-looking book, it is well written, typographically well laid out and a comfortable read. The detailed index is useful for finding diverse themes presented throughout the book.

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