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Tunes for All?

Music on Danish Radio

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Tak for din interesse i Tunes for All?: Music on Danish Radio. Bogen udkommer 01. august 2018. Hvis du udfylder denne formular, giver vi dig besked, når bogen kan leveres.

Tak for din forudbestilling. Du hører fra os når Tunes for All?: Music on Danish Radio er klar til bestilling 01. august 2018.

300 sider ill.
ISBN 978 87 7184 379 8

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Om bogen

This book is about a century of music and radio in Denmark. It is a book about the many ways in which music and radio have intertwined. It is about programmes and channels, presenters and listeners, music genres and programme genres, stakeholders and conflicts of interest, and about the all-dominant national broadcasting institution, Danmarks Radio.

In the intricate network of sounds, technologies, people, and materialities that make up music radio we detect and consider macro-social changes, and through detailed analyses we demonstrate the intertwining of practices that have and still do surround and permeate its production. We have taken on the hyper-complexity of the meetings and integrations of a modern mass medium, radio, and an established cultural practice and art form, music, not in order to explain what they are 'really all about' in a research perspective, but in order to contribute to the font of analytical and theoretical knowledge about music radio and to continuing discussions within the research field.

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