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Toward the horizon

Lennart Edelberg and the Danish Hindukush research

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This book has two main objectives – to provide an overview of Danish research in the Afghan province of Nuristan, as well as to understand the scholar, collector, and man, Lennart Edelberg, who was crucial to its shaping. Ethnography as an academic discipline in Denmark was still in its embryonic stages, when Edelberg visited Nuristan for the first time in 1948 as a member of the Third Danish Expedition to Central Asia (1947-52). Parallel to his work as an upper-secondary schoolteacher in Ribe, Edelberg developed his work in Nuristan throughout the following decades. Through different perspectives from people who worked with him, or shared his research interests, the contributions to this book constitute a mosaic. This mosaic represents Lennart Edelberg, his research interests as well as their legacy for contemporary scholarship.

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