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The Ancient Theatre at Kalydon in Aitolia

En del af serien Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens (24.1 and 24.2) , og fagområdet

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ISBN 978 87 7219 282 6

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The theatre at Kalydon in Aitolia – known only since a few decades – has already attracted a lot of attention due to its square orchestra and rectilinear benches for seating. The Danish-Greek collaborative project responsible for investigating the theatre presents in this two-volume publication results of the excavation and documentation, including all finds such as tile, pottery, metals and coins, made during the excavations. The traditional analysis of the building is supplemented by an archaeoacoustic analysis comparing acoustic advantages and disadvantages between the square and semicircular design.

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Artikel: "Nyt storværk kaster lys over antikt teater i den oldgræske by Kalydon"

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