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Between Identity and Difference

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Tak for din interesse i Questions: Between Identity and Difference. Bogen udkommer 01. december 2017. Hvis du udfylder denne formular, giver vi dig besked, når bogen kan leveres.

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224 sider
ISBN 978 87 7184 225 8



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Om bogen

Questions: Between Identity and Difference is in many ways a curious book. It is a scholarly book, but tests the boundaries of traditional academic methods. It is a philosophical book, but bases its arguments on observational studies in classrooms where Danish, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese schoolchildren are taught in their native languages. It is a demanding book, one that assumes its readers think for themselves. Yes it is also a generous book, which draws on the author's own experience in researching and exploring what it means to be human across a variety of thoughts and behavioural patterns.

Bogen er tidligere udkommet på dansk. Se Spørgsmål af Pia Lauritzen.

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