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Pottery in the Archaeological Record: Greece and Beyond

Acts on the International Colloquium held at the Danish and Canadian Institutes in Athens, June 20-22, 2008

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ISBN 978 87 7934 587 4

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Crafting Spaces: Archaeological, Ethnographic, and Ethnoarchaeological Studies of Spatial Organization in Pottery Workshops in Greece and Tunisia

Producing Pottery vs. Producing Models: Interpreting Workshop Organization at the Potters' Quarter of Sagalassos

Greek Amphorae in the Archaeological Record

Iconographic Evidence for the Handling and Use of Transport Amphorae in the Roman Period

Amphora Fragments Re-used as Potter's Tools in the Rural Landscape of Panskoye

Depositional Patterns and Behavior in the Athenian Agora: When Disaster Strikes

The Waste Stream of a Late Roman House: Case Study of the Commissary Block in the Earthquake House at Kourion

Olympia: Roman Pottery in the Archaeological Record

Repair and Recycling in Corinth and the Archaeological Record

Reusing Pottery in the Eastern Desert of Egypt

Mended in Antiquity: Repairs to Ceramics at the Athenian Agora

Roman Pottery in the Archaeological Record: Some Follow-Up Comments

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