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Danish Yearbook of Musicology

Volume 39 is the last yearbook of Danish Yearbook of Musicology published in print. All future yearbooks will be available online only at http://dym.dk/.


Printed back issues can be bought at the present site.


Danish Yearbook of Musicology is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal related to musical research. Each issue presents articles, book reviews, reports on research projects and conferences as well as a bibliography on literature related to Danish music or musicology.

Recent issues have published articles by a number of acknowledged scholars such as László Somfai, Lászlo Vikárius, Simone Hohmeier, Jane Alden, Olle Edström, Andrea F. and Philip V. Bohlman

The main language of this peer-reviewed journal is English and it welcomes submissions related to musical research in the widest sense. Submissions are encouraged from both established scholars and graduate students.

The editors can be reached by email:

Michael Fjeldsøe, University of Copenhagen
Thomas Holme Hansen, University of Aarhus

For further information please refer to the website of Danish Yearbook of Musicology

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