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Medieval Archaeology in Scandinavia and Beyond

History, trends and tomorrow

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ISBN 978 87 7124 378 9

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This book presents, in twenty international papers, the origin and development, and some of the main characteristics and diversities, of the academic discipline of medieval - and later - archaeology in a number of countries in northern Europe. Denmark is the main focus, together with the four other Scandinavian countries, the Faroes and Greenland. The book also provides an insight into some of the discipline's major achievements and fascinating discoveries in these parts of the world, as well as into some of the current research agendas, with their new perspectives, including developments towards the inclusion of the archaeology of more recent periods. The book is based on the proceedings of a conference held to celebrate 40 years of medieval archaeology as a university discipline in Denmark - one of the first countries to have a chair of medieval archaeology, established at Aarhus University, in 1971.


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