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Creation, Rationality and Autonomy

Essays on Cornelius Castoriadis

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Cornelius Castoriadis was one of the most original and creative thinkers of the 20th century. Between 2006 and 2009, the Nordic Summer University hosted a series of workshops on his thought that attracted partcipants from various disciplinary fields and nations. This colletion is a result from these encounters, with contributions from political philosophy, Hellenic studies, architecture, critique of ideology, pedagogy, sociology, phenomenology, phychology and psychoanalysis - and, true to the spirit of Castoriadis, combinations of these. Some authors are known Castoriadis scholars, while others are researchers in their own fields who have seen in Castoriadis a way to enrich their work.


Creation, Rationality and Autonomy: A brief introduction

Chaos and Creation in Castoriadis's Interpretation of Greek Thought

Origins as a Sign of Pathology in Architectural Thinking

Castoriadis, Arnason and the Phenomenological Question of the World

Odd Bedfellows: Cornelius Castoriadis on Capitalism and Freedom

From Modernity to Neoliberalism: What Human Subject?

Artistic Critique? Socialisme ou Barbaries's and Castoriadis's Concept of Revolutionary Work Research

The Power of the Imaginary

Castoriadis, Education and Democracy

The Wreath of Subjectivity and Time

Autonomy and Self-Alteration

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Wendy C. Hamblet, Professor, North Carolina A&T State University, Metapsychology Online Reviews

"Creation, Rationality and Autonomy is a work greatly needed for bringing the ideas of a very promising thinker to the forefront of philosophical discourse where it truly deserves to stand as a radical rethinking of politics and democracy today, highlighting the power of individuals to actively engage with others to reconstruct the social historical reality that hardens around them as self-evidently inevitable and "the best of all possible worlds." I highly recommend this book to scholars in the field of philosophy and political theory. It is suitable and accessible for use in graduate studies. The piece by Baruchello should be compulsory reading in every senior level Ethics class. However, this work should not be left to scholars. The critical challenges it poses to our general conceptions of world, democracy, politics, justice, and freedom would benefit every thinking citizen of the global community."

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