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Arne Jacobsen

Designing Denmark

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ISBN 978 87 7597 290 6

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Dive into the creative world of designer-architect Arne Jacobsen, a visionary titan of mid-century modernism.

Arne Jacobsen was one of the most influential architects and designers of the twentieth century. His iconic furniture designs have become enduring classics both within and outside Denmark’s borders, but his creativity reached far beyond these well-known works.

This extensive and beautifully designed book charts Jacobsen’s innovative career and the major role he played in developing the mid-century Nordic aesthetic. Placing him in the midst of the European post-war avant-garde art scene, it sheds new light on the rich variety of Jacobsen’s work – from sleek chairs and light fixtures to elegant textile patterns and watercolour drawings. Hundreds of never-before-seen private photographs of Jacobsen and his many designs also feature throughout, revealing little-known aspects of his fascinating life and work.

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