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ISBN 978 87 7184 813 7

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Famed for its industriousness and its urge to conquer, this race practises farming and uses chemical weapons. Humans? No, ants! Joachim Offenberg, a myrmecophile researcher at Aarhus University, shares fascinating facts about these tiny creatures - so stealthy and stalwart they even endured a ruthless onslaught from his Uncle Preben, who thinks these cannibals, slave drivers and infiltrators of our homes and gardens derserve no better. But why not domesticate ants and join forces with one fourth of the planet's animal biopass? Prepare to befriend a formidable foe.

Bogen udkom på dansk i 2013: Myrer



World champions in evolution

The boons of social living

Freeloaders and fraudsters

Colonising the continents

Ants in the field

From foe to friend


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