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The Transport Amphorae and Trade of Cyprus

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Placed as a stepping stone on the sea route between Europe and the New East, Cyprus has always been a meeting place of many cultures. Though rarely united politically through many millennia of history - and for extended periods subject to foreign rule - the island nonetheless managed to maintain specific and unique identities.

This publication seeks to throw new light on important aspects of the economy of Cyprus between c. 700 BC and AD 700 through a concerted study of the transport amphorae found in and around the island. These standardised containers of fired clay were commonly used for shipping foodstuffs from their places of production to the consumers in antiquity. Completely preserved or found only in fragments, such vessels are a prime source of information about the island's exports and imports of agricultural products, and ultimately about the fluctuations in the economy of Cyprus through a crucial millennium and a half of her history. The jars thus contribute both to our undestanding of the changing intensities of Cypriot connections with other centres around the Mediterranean and to the documentation of regional patterning within the island itself.




Transport in Ancient Cyprus

Expanding Contacts and Collapsing Distances in Early Cypro-Archaic Trade: Three Case Studies of Shipwrecks off the Turkish Coast

Cypriot Basket-handle Amphorae from Kelenderis and its Vicinity

Cypriot Basket-handle Amphorae in Hellenistic Cyrenaica

Two Amphorae from the Swedish Cyprus Expedition in the National Muesum of Denmark: Late Archaic through Late Classical Cypriot Trade

Preliminary Remarks on Cypriot Amphorae and Stamps from Alexandria

Cypriot Amphora Stamps of the Hellenistic Period Found in Israel

Rhodian Amphorae from Cyprus: A Summary of the Evidence and the Issues

Cyprus and Rhodes: Trade Links During the Hellenistic Period in the Light of Transport Amphora Finds

Early Roman Amphorae from Cyprus as Evidence of Trade and Exchange in the Mediterranean

Roman Amphorae from the Polish Excavations at Paphos, Maloutena: An Overview

Petrological Analyses of "Pinched-handle" Amphorae from the Akamas Peninsula, Western Cyprus

Cypriot Amphorae in Ephesus?

Amphora Typologies, Distribution, and Trade Patterns: The Case of the Cypriot LR1 Amphorae

Amphorae and Underwater Survey: Making Sense of Late Roman Trade from Scattered Sherds and Shipwrecks

Late Roman Amphorea and Trade in the Vasilikos Valley

Supply Mechanisms at Non-agricultural Production Sites. Economic Modelling in Late Roman Cyprus


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