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Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding

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0 sider 19 min. Tekstet på engelsk, fransk, spansk, italiensk, portugisisk, tysk og dansk.
ISBN 87 7934 955 2



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Structure: The film is logically structured into four parts:

Part 1: (4'20'')

Learning (Student Perspective)

Part one looks at university teaching from a student perspective. We meet Susan and Robert who are prototypes of two different kinds of students with very different motivations for being at university.


Part 2: (3'07'')

Teaching (Teachers Perspective)

Part two adopts a teacher perspective. We meet teachers at levels 1,2 and 3 (according to John Biggs' "three levels of thinking about teaching") who respectively focus on "what students are", "what teachers do" and "what students do".

Part 3: (6'10'')

Understanding (Knowledge Perspective)

Part three takes a knowledge perspective on teaching. We look at how we, homo sapiens, acquire new information in terms of the old - and how "understanding" can happen at five different levels (according to "The SOLO Taxonomy").


Part 4: (3'43'')

The Solution (Constructive Alignment)

Part four integrates all previous and presents one of the most important insights from the research area of Didactics (University Studies in Education), namely: "Constructive Alignment" (developed by John Biggs).

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