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The Hildebrandt Method

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ISBN 978 87 7219 839 2



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“Pulse is essential to life. Everything we do as humans is influenced by the phenomenon of rhythm.”

The Hildebrandt Method is about rhythm – or more precisely polyrhythm. A polyrhythm is the rhythmic pattern that results when two or more independent rhythm or tempo layers are played simultaneously. Polyrhythms are used in virtually every culture throughout the world, from Polynesian folk music to Beethoven symphonies, and from avant-garde compositions to jazz, pop and electronica.

This book presents a polyrhythmic method that guides the reader through the jungle of polyrhythms, equipping them with tools to understand and execute even the most challenging constellations of rhythms.

The Hildebrandt Method sets new standards of what is possible within the field of polyrhythms. Through analyses of rhythm structures, polyrhythm is presented in a new and simplified light. The method is for anyone who wishes to improve their polyrhythmic ability.

Percussionist David Hildebrandt is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Music and has performed all over the world, mainly as a soloist and chamber musician. He is constantly exploring unexplored areas of music, exchanging ideas not only with composers and musicians, but also with mathematicians, engineers and physicists.

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