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The hieroglyphic archive at Petras, Siteia

En del af serien Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens (9) , og fagområdet

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272 sider ill.
ISBN 978 87 7934 293 4


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In 1996-7 Greek archaeologists found and excavated an archive with Cretan hieroglyphs at the site of Petras in eastern Crete. This discovery was rather unique since it was only the third archive in Greece with prehistoric writings that have been excavated and recorded according to modern standards. The book does not only present the administrative documents consisting of inscribed clay bars, medallions, crescents, noduli, and a large number of different sealings. It does present all the evidence from the archive room which made it possible for the first time in Greek prehistory to present a conjectural hypothesis on what happened in an archive room and how it worked both within the administration and socially.

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