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Hama on the Rebel River

A Syrian Town in the 1930s through the Eyes of Danish Archaeologists

En del af serien Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus (18) , og fagområderne , og

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ISBN 978 87 7597 143 5

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The Danish Archaeological Expedition to Hama in Syria in the 1930s discovered an ancient town lived in for thousands of years. Members of the Expedition also fell in love with the town around the ancient mound, which they explored on their days off. The archive of the Expedition is held by the National Museum of Denmark. Rare, gritty photos of bustling city life are interspersed with strictly composed artwork, where the past appears in vivid colour. However, behind the façade of this picturesque town, forces were at play to change the political and social fabric of Syria for ever.

The authors of this book are researchers at the National Museum of Denmark.

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