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The French connection

- 100 years with Danish architects at l'École francaise d'Athènes

En del af serien Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens (13) , og fagområdet

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108 sider ill.
ISBN 978 87 7934 567 6

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The year 2008 was the centenary for Danish architects working for the French School at Athens. The event was celebrated with a big exhibition shown both in Athens and in Copenhagen, and at both places accompanied by an international seminar. The eight contributions in this volume is the outcome of the seminars. It presents a mosaic of aspects concerning the Danish Architects. Why did it all start, how did the architects work, what did their work mean to the French archaeologists and architects, and how did their work with ancient architecture influence on their future life.

The book may with advantage be supplemented with the extensive exhibition catalogue in Danish, French and Greek: E. Hallager and D. Mulliez (eds.), Den franske forbindelse - 100 år med danske arkitekter ved Den Franske Arkæologiske Skole i Athen (Athens 2008).




The relationship betwween the Beaux-Arts School and the French School at Athens

The topography of a monument. Delineated observations in Delphi

Une pierre à Delphes

Ètude et publication d'un matériel spécifique: la cas des terres cuites architecturales de Delphes

Ce que j'ai appirs au contact des architectes danois

The theatre at Delphi and the Raykjavík City Theatre

The Danish architects and their contribution to ancient and modern architecture

Conversations with a Frech architect - present meets past, creating future


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