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Career Guidance in Communities

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ISBN 978 87 7124 012 2



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An emerging interest in group guidance, collective forms, and integrative approaches is evident in Denmark and serves to contest a conventional individualistic mode of delivery. The latter being criticised for being both resource heavy and in risk of contributing to feelings of failure in those who are less successful with educational outcomes or employment.

By showing how guidance activities can develop within the community generally, the book puts forward a decentred perspective. Career guidance is not an objective in itself; it is a means to support a person's participation in the economic society through education and work. The author shows how the participants in career
guidance modify and change practice, thereby creating new possibilities for
themselves and each other.


Study settings

Career guidance as an institutional arrangement

Contours of a field of knowledge

Career guidance as an individualising practice

Theoretical point of departure

Practice research - co-researchers

Career guidance in the company

Career guidance at the folk high school




Pressen skrev

Annamaria Di Fabio, Newsletter of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance

"The book offers an actual theoretical framework in the field of career guidance and provides perspectives for research as a mean for increasing practice and good policy. It is a particularly significant contribution for researchers and practioners who are interested in the collective aspects of career guidance."

"This volume underlines the value of considering guidance as an activity which is part of community and not separated from it".

Professor Jenny Bimrose, University of Warwick

"This book represents an important contribution to career guidance research by providing a fresh and creative perspective that challenges established constructions and points to alternative ways of doing and being.

Pivotal to the arguments presented are the pervasive tensions between the individual versus social interests in the delivery of career guidance services. A vision of career guidance as a participatory endeavour unfolds, with the analysis underpinned by research evidence that has been carried out with reflective and intellectual rigour."

Professor Ronald G. Sultana, University of Malta

"By providing a sustained critique of the 'language', form and practice of mainstream career guidance, and by privileging the user's voice, Rie Thomsen does the profession an invaluable service.

Career Guidance in Communities introduces new, exciting and challenging perspectives that resonate with the collective turn in public service provision. At a time when the in-sourcing of structural problems onto individuals has become the norm, here is an antidote that gets us closer to serving the community more justly, and more honestly."



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