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The Art of Discovery

Encounters in Literature and Science

En del af serien Acta Jutlandica (Humanistisk serie, 2010:2) , og fagområderne og

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ISBN 978 87 7934 501 0

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Folkert Degenring, University of Kassel, Germany, The British Society for Literature and Science

"[...]the essays cover a wide spectrum of topics, approaches and contributors: from general observations concerning the relation of literature and science to specific historical reconstructions, from the history of ideas to cognitive linguistics, from nineteenth century to the twenty-first, from American, English, French, German, Italian, Latin American to Scandinavian literature, from literature, linguistics and law to philosophy of science, biochemistry and physics."

"It does provide an impressive array of possible lines of connections [...] and reminds the reader of how vast the field of literature and science studies is. It is a valuable addition to literature and science studies, and some of the individual essays are not just intellectually stimulation but also highly enjoyable to read. Certainly all provide food for thought."

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