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The Story of Danish Museums


En del af serien 100 danmarkshistorier, Focus on Danish History (1) , og fagområdet

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ISBN 978 87 7219 170 6



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Endless rows of stone axe heads, display after display. Around 1900, a typical Danish museum would focus on finds, research and prehistory. But new thoughts were brewing. Visions of focusing on lives lived, and making museums for people, not about things. This shift gave birth to folk and open-air museums where the distant past no longer eclipsed human memory. The resulting clash: the capital vs the provinces, the National Museum vs the many new local museums. The debate goes on, but today’s angle is different. As Danes seek out cultural-history museums like never before, this success raises the eternal question: Where should museums head in the future? Perhaps we spy the contours of new clashes on the distant horizon.

Take a guided tour of Danish museum history with Thomas Bloch Ravn, director of the open-air museum Den Gamle By.

Thomas Oldrup

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Cand.mag. i historie og retorik. Thomas er ansvarlig for forlagets historieudgivelser og arbejder især med serien 100 danmarkshistorier, der ud over bøgerne omfatter videnspredning gennem en række partnere. Tidligere har han været dansk redaktør for bladet Alt om Historie, lavet radio, holdt foredrag, undervist og skrevet et hav af artikler og en halv snes bøger.

Thomas Oldrup


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David J. Eveleigh, Folk Life
"This book, therefore, is much more than a concise summary of Danish museum development: it is a lively analysis of how they have developed, adapting to a changing world and of the critical issues they face today, ranging from the impact of government legislation, relevance to contemporary society, financial resilience and the capability to ward off competition from other more commercial attractions, such as science centres and theme parks. Much of what he says here has a wider relevance than to Denmark alone."


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