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Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens VII

En del af serien Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens (VII) , og fagområderne og

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Ancient Studies

An Essay on the Extent and Significance of the Greek Athletic Culture in the Classical Period

The Piraeus and the Athenian Navy: recent archaeological and historical advances

On the Lion Harbour and other Harbours in Miletos: recent historical, archaeological, sedimentological, and geophysical research

The historical context of the city wall of Messene: preconditions, written sources, success balance, and societal impacts

Emplekton Technique in Fortification at Ithome/Messene, Megalopolis, and Mantinea: the work of Theban military engineers?

Kephallénia Masonry

Hellenistic Pottery ─ Content and Methodology

Art Historical Studies

Immortalised in Marble: Lord Byron portrayed by Bertel Thorvaldsen

Reports on Danish Fieldwork in Greece

The Greek-Swedish Excavations at Kastelli, Khania 2001: a preliminary report

Excavations at the Agia Aikaterini Square, Kastelli, Khania 2005 and 2008: a preliminary report

The Danish-Greek Excavations at Kalydon, Aitolia. The Theatre: preliminary report from the 2011 and 2012 campaigns

Zea Harbour Project: preliminary report 2009-2010



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