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Pottery, Peoples and Places

Study and Interpretation of Late Hellenistic Pottery

En del af serien Black Sea Studies (16) , og fagområdet

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The late Hellenistic period, spanning the 2nd and early 1st centuries BC, was a time of great tumult and violence thanks to nearly incessant warfare. At the same time the period saw the greatest expansion of 'Hellenistic' Greek culture, including ceramics. Papers in this volume explore problems of ceramic chronology (often based on evidence dependent on the violent nature of the period), survey trends in both production and consumption of Hellenistic ceramics particularly in Asia Minor and the Pontic region, and assess the impact of Hellenistic ceramic culture across much of the eastern Mediterranean and into the Black Sea.


Part 1. Chronologies

The Contribution of Inscriptions to the Chronology of Rhodian Amphora Eponyms

The Lower City of Olbia Pontike Occupation and Abandonment in the 2nd Century BC

Bridging the Gap: Local Pottery Production in Corinth 146-44 BC

A Re-examination of some of the South Stoa Wells at Corinth

Sulla and the Pirates

Part 2. Typology

Mouldmade Relief Bowls from Ephesos - The Current State of Research

The Hellenistic Mouldmade Bowl Production at Priene ─ A Case Study Concerning the Reception of Ephesian Examples

Table Ware from Knidos: The Local Production during the 2nd and 1st centuries BC

Hellenistic Pottery from the Necropolis of Olbia Pontike

A Pontic Group of Hellenistic Mouldmade Bowls

Imports and Local Imitations of Hellenistic Pottery in the Northwest Black Sea Area: Hadra and Pseudo-Hadra Wares

Late Hellenistic Pottery and Lamps from Pantikapaion: Recent Finds

Late Hellenistic Red-Slip Ware in Oblia

Part 3. Ceramics and Culture

Pots and Politics: Reflections on the Circulation of Pottery in the Ptolemaic and Seleukid Kingdoms

Dining In State: The Table Wares from the Persian-Hellenistic Administrative Building at Kedesh

Les campaniennes A et B, deux aspects d'une 'globalisation' économique et culturelle des céramiques tardo-hellénistiques

Sanne Lind Hansen


Cand.mag. i etnografi og klassisk arkæologi og tillægsuddannelse fra Danmarks Journalisthøjskole. Sanne arbejder primært med antropologi, arkæologi og tidlig historie. Hun har desuden særligt ansvar for kommissionsaftaler - og en fortid på Antiksamlingen ved Nationalmuseet.

Sanne Lind Hansen


Telefon: + 45 53 55 07 59


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"Interesting insights in matters of method and historical recurrence can be found in this volume ... The volume reviewed hereby is a token of specialist research for a specialist audience. Any field of serious scholarly and scientific research requires this kind of literature."

Giorgio Baruchello, Nordicum-Mediterraneum

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