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The Past in the Present

En del af serien The National Museum of Denmark , og fagområdet

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The past is inextricably embedded in the present - whether we are aware of it or not. The present was shaped by the thoughts and deeds of those who went before, and our daily life largely plays out on a stage set by our ancestors.

The seven contributors to this volume have taken their cue from ancient artefacts of the cultures of the Mediterranean and Near East that are kept in the National Museum of Denmark.

The authors explain how these items were gathered in the first place at their remote places of origin, and why the collectors deemed the objects so important that they were willing to go through considerable trouble and expense to bring them to Denmark. Also, they demonstrate how the interpretation and perceived significance of such finds were transformed over time in tune with societal changes, thereby sketching important stages in the formative history of the National Museum.


Among Humans and Quadrupeds. An Egyptian Mummy in the Kunstkammer

King Frederik V's Acquisitions of Ancient Sculpture for the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen

The Unacknowledged Consul: Carl Christian Holck as Collector of Antquities in Tunisia, 1801-1807

One God who vanquishes everythng Evil - a Syrian Amulet from the early Middle Ages

A Valley in the Zagros Mountains - the Danish Expedition to Luristan

Note on a Tarentine Reunion

A Funerary Plaque from Athens

A Cautionary Tale. A Greek Amphora in the Royal Vase Cabinet in Copenhagen


Sanne Lind Hansen


Cand.mag. i etnografi og klassisk arkæologi og tillægsuddannelse fra Danmarks Journalisthøjskole. Sanne arbejder primært med antropologi, arkæologi og tidlig historie. Hun har desuden særligt ansvar for kommissionsaftaler - og en fortid på Antiksamlingen ved Nationalmuseet.

Sanne Lind Hansen


Telefon: + 45 53 55 07 59


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