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An Observer of Observatories

The Journal of Thomas Bugge's Tour of Germany, Holland and England in 1777

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220 sider rigt ill.
ISBN 978 87 7934 311 5

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"This handsomely produced, annotated and illustrated book, available in Danish and English, is the long-anticipated scholarly edition of a text that is of great significance to historians of scientific instruments, observatories and machinery in the eighteenth century."

Rebekah Higgitt, Royal Observatory, Greenwich

"Thomas Bugge's journal is one of only four by astronomers of this period. Its detailed notes and sketches make it a unique view of observatory equipment and practice. The editors' expert contextual annotations and modern illustrations transform this private journal into a handsomely produced essential reference book deserving a place in every specialist's and academic library."

Roger Hutchins, Journal for the History of Astronomy

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