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K.S. Malevich

The Leporskaya Archive

En del af fagområdet

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The majority of Malevich's drawings and manuscripts only exists today thanks to the efforts of Anna Aleksandrovna Leporskaya (1900-1982). The present study reconstructs the outlines of this unique collection and of Leporskaya's and Malevich's own registration of the drawings, undertaken in 1926.

Troels Andersen is the author of Malevich. Catalogue raisonné of the Berlin Exhibition 1927, including the collection in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; with a general introduction to his work and the editor of K.S. Malevich: Essays on Art, Vol. I-IV.



The Leporskaya archive

The registration of the drawings

The late drawings

The fate of the archive

The catalogue

Selected drawings

Catalogue of drawings

References to literature

Early drawings

Graphic drawings

Bubnovy Valet




Late drawings





Pressen skrev

Christina Lodder The Burlington Magazine

"... this catalogue of the drawings in the Leporskaya Archive is so welcome and such a valuable addition to the literature on Malevich, allowing scholars and the interested public alike to acquire an understanding of the artist's approach based on authentic works."

"The results of Andersens's painstaking research are most revealing."

"The catalogue provides a clear basis for establishing the authenticity of Malevich drawings and thus performs a highly significant function for anyone interested in the artist."

"Andersen's book helps to put Malevich studies on a firm footing. We all owe him a great debt of gratitude."


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