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Contrasts and Solutions in the Caucasus

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Kaukasus er kommet i søgelyset efter Sovjetunionens opløsning, og navne som Armenien, Tjetjenien og Nagorno-Karabakh har fået plads i vores bevidtshed - primært pga. de mange problemer, der nu er dukket op. I dette værk forsøger videnskabsfolk, politikere og Kaukasus-eksperter at afdække årsagerne til de mange konflikter i Kaukasus - og at komme med forslag til løsninger.




Caucasus - Contrasts and Solutions. Introductory Speech to the Aarhus Conference in March 1996, Henning Lehmann

'Persons of Caucasian Nationality' - Russian Negative Stereotypes, Alf Grannes

The Caucasus - a Region in Quest of Stability, Thomas Petersen

The Geopolitical After-Effects of the Disintegration of the USSR and the Reanimation of the Eurasian Idea, Gamal Z. Moutaguirov

Oil and Geopolitics in the Transcaucasus, Richard Giragosian

Conflict-Mitigation on the Spot - towards Citizens' Diplomacy, Jan Øberg

North- and Transcaucasus: Cultural Boundaries and Identity Building in the North Caucasus, Lars Funch

New Approaches to Regional Conflicts, Souren T. Zolyan

Trans-Caucasian Confederation - A Chance for Peace, Souren T. Zolyan

Ethnicity and Political Culture in Southern Caucasia - the Peoples of the Hills between Russia and the Middle East, Torben Hansen

Nationalism, Ethno-National Conflicts and History in South Caucasus, Klas-Göran Karlsson

Mountaineers, Racketeers and the Ideals of Modernity - Statebuilding and Elite-Competition in Caucasia, Søren Theisen

Crossroads - Political Stability in Armenia and Georgia since Independence, Ismail Yunus Soner


Abkhazia - Problems and the Paths to their Resolution, Konstantin Ozgan

Post-War Developments in the Georgian-Abkhazian Dispute, George Hewitt


Armenian Nationalism - Past and Present, Igor Barsegian

The Collapse of Dialogue, Christian Tolstrup


Nationalism and the Foundation of National Identity in Azerbaijan - Past and Present, Sefa Martin Yürükel

The Politico-Economic Importance of the Caspian Basin, Ömür Orhun

The Growth of Nationalism in Azerbaijan, Suha Bölükbasi

Ethnic Minorities and the Democratization of Azerbaijani Society, Aliaga Mamedov


Post-Soviet Consequences in Georgian and Turkish Policy, Fahrettin Çiloglu


The Crimean Tartars' Struggle for Co-Existence, Suat Kiniklioglu


The International Legal Status of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, Rouben Zargarian

The Karabakh Conflict and Present-day Situation, Aydin Balayev & Aliaga Mamedov


The Past Explains the Present, Charles Tchkotoua

Nationalism and Ethnic Nationalism in the Caucasus - Past and Present, Daniel Heradstveit

The Case for Chechen Independence, Marie Bennigsen Broxup

The Negotiation Process between Russia and Chechenia - Strategies, Achievements and Future Problems, Märta-Lisa Magnusson


The Taste of Being a Minority, Hrant Dink

Turkey and North Caucasia - from High Expectations down to Reality, L. Dogan Tiliç

The Turkish Approach to Transcaucasia and Central Asia, Baskin Oran

Turkish Foreign Policy in the Caucasus, Mehmet Tütüncü


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