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Bronze Age Settlement and Land-Use in Thy, Northwest Denmark

Vol. 1 + 2

En del af serien Jysk Arkæologisk Selskabs Skrifter (102) , og fagområdet

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285 + 580 sider ill.
ISBN 978 87 93423 22 0

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This two-volume, multi-author and multi-disciplinary monographs sheds new light on the Bronze Age in Thy from many different angles, and places the archaeology of the area in both a detailed regional and a broader supra-regional North Sea context. It provides a high-resolution archaeological and paleoecological picture og the organisation of landscapes, settlements and households during the period 1500-700 BC. By combining the results of paleoenvironmental research, extensive field surveys and excavations of archaeological sites with exceptional preservation, it links the histories of local farmsteads in Thy with wider developments and events in the Bronze Age of northwest Europe.

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