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Arthropod Natural Enemies in Arable Land

II. Survival, reproduction and enhancement

En del af serien Acta Jutlandica (71:2; Natural Science Series, 10) , og fagområdet

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ISBN 87 7288 672 2

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Th.S. van Dijk: The influence of environmental factors and food on life cycle, ageing and survival of some carabid beetles

J. Szysko, H.J.W. Vermeulen & P.J. den Boer: Survival and reproduction in relation to habitat quality and food availability for Pterostichus oblongopunctatus

L.J.M.F. den Nijs, C.J.H. Booij, R. Daamen, C.A.M. Lock & J. Noorlander: Can pitfall trap catches inform us about survival and mortality factors? An analysis of pitfall trap data for Pterostichus cupreus (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in relation to crop rotation and crop specific husbandry practices

C.J. Topping & K.D. Sunderland: Estimating the mortality rate of eggs and first free-living instar Lepthyphantes tenuis (Araneae: Linypiidae) from measurements of reproduction and development

Discussion paper:

C.J.H. Booij et al.: Assessment of survival and mortality factors in field populations of beneficial arthropods


K.D. Sunderland, C.J. Topping, S. Ellis, S. Long, S. van de Laak & M. Else: Reproduction and survival of linyphiid spiders, with special reference to Leptyphantes tenuis (Blackwell)

W. Powell & A. Nickless: The foraging efficiency of the parasitoid Diaeretiella rapae (Hymeoptera: Braconidae) in relation to the spatial distribution of aphids on plants

S. Toft: Indicators of prey quality for arthropod predators

Discussion paper: K.D. Sunderland et al.: Reproduction of beneficial predators and parasitoids in agroecosystems in relation to habitat quality and food availability


U. Krause & H.M. Poehling: Overwintering, oviposition and population dynamics of hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) in Northern Germany in relation to small and large-scale landscape structure

J.M. Holland & S.R. Thomas: Phacelia tanacetifolia flower strips: their effect on beneficial invertebrates and gamebird chick food in an integrated farming system

J. Zimmermann & W. Büchs: Management of arable crops and its effects on rove-beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae), with special reference to the effects of insecticide treatments

U. Heimbach & V. Garbe: Effects of reduced tillage systems in sugar beet on predatory and pest arthropods

G.R. de Snoo: Enhancement of non-target insects: indications about dimensions of unsprayed crop edges

G. Bujaki, Z. Karpati, F. Kadar & F. Toth: Comparison of the carabid fauna of a wheat field and its surrounding habitats

S. Finch: A review of the progress made to control the cabbage root fly (Delia radicum) using parasitoids

M.G. Paoletti, D. Somaggio, M. Bressan & V. Celano: Can sustainable agricultural practices affect biodiversity in agricultural landscapes? A case study concerning orchards in Italy

J. Idinger, B. Kromp & K.H. Steinberger: Ground photo-eclector evaluation of the numbers of carabid beetles and spiders found in and around cereal fields treated with either inorganic or compost fertilizers

Discussion paper:

H.M. Poehling: Agricultural practices which enhance numbers of beneficial arthropods

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